Delta Dental of MA Update

NOTICE: On 3/8/17, a professional relations representative from Delta Dental of MA has informed us that the existing contract that we have with Delta Dental will not be terminated.  This means that your existing Delta Dental insurance plan is still in-network at our practice, and will be indefinitely, until further notice. 

If you have not yet received our letter that was sent out to all of our Delta Dental patients, we have attached a copy below.  There are also some recent articles (links below) written about Delta Dental of Massachusett’s new contract, reading them might help you to understand a little bit more of the difficulties that this new contract is presenting for not only us, but dentists all over Massachusetts.   Following the letter, you will find a list of frequently asked questions.  If you still have questions regarding this transition, please feel free to call the office and speak to a staff member about any of your concerns.

MassLive Article                 Boston Globe Article

Letter to Patients

Dear Valued Patient,                                                                                                 

For many years, Delta Dental of Massachusetts has been a partner with us, MillerLung Dental Group, and allowed us to deliver the highest quality of dental care for you. We had forged a bond with Delta, so that all of your dental needs could and would be addressed, without having to compromise the quality of dentistry that you have been accustomed to and we desired to provide. Over the past several weeks, Delta Dental of Massachusetts has decided to end that partnership with us and become a for profit entity that is less concerned about the value of quality dentistry that you deserve, but more the bottom line.

Delta Dental of Massachusetts has reduced their reimbursement for all services by as much as 20-30%, along with several other stipulations that limit their coverage. They will even curtail or eliminate some historically longstanding covered procedures altogether. They have essentially eliminated fifty plus years of a mutually beneficial relationship (patient, doctor and insurance coverage) that worked well for so long. This means that the high quality of dental care that you expect and we insist on practicing, would be compromised by our participation with their new for profit insurance plan.   We had proposed a solution and offered to be a continued Premier Provider (same as always), but this status is being phased out and is no longer a part of their future plans.

Unfortunately, as a result of these actions taken by Delta Dental of Massachusetts, Dr. Miller, Dr. Lung, our hygienists and staff have decided to be non-participants with Delta Dental of Massachusetts as of March 1, 2017. This has been the most difficult decision for us as we have strived and nurtured so many life-long relationships through the years that may have to come to an abrupt end, but we can no longer continue to be a provider with Delta Dental of Massachusetts in good conscience.

You do, however, have a choice to stay with us and continue to receive not only our quality dental care, but we will also work with you on an individual financial basis to ensure that your cost of dentistry intersects with the value that we provide. We will be honoring in-network Premier rates until May 31, 2017. This means as long as your insurance allows for out-of-network benefits, we will accept their payments and make adjustments as if we were in-network. After May 31, 2017 you may have an out-of-pocket expense, even for services listed at 100% coverage.

We know this information may force you to go elsewhere for your dental care and this is only the fault of Delta Dental of Massachusetts. Please remember, we will still be here if you choose to return, and we will always continue to strive for excellence in regards to your health and well- being. If you have any questions or further concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are sorry for the short notice, but there have been several legal issues that are pending and have yet to be resolved, so we desired to postpone this decision until the last possible moment. We apologize in advance if this inconvenience affects you and your family in any negative way and wish you all the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I still be a patient of your practice, even though you are not in-network with my insurance?

Yes, you can definitely still be a patient of our practice.  We will still file the insurance claim for you, and the insurance will still pay us directly.  We will now, just be considered an “out-of-network” provider.

  • How do I know if my insurance will pay an out-of-network provider?

You can call your insurance company and they will be able to tell you if your plan allows for out-of-network benefits.  We can usually go online to check for you as well.

  • What if I have a Delta Dental plan that is not from Massachusetts? Is it still out-of-network?

Any Delta Dental Insurance policy through any state will now be considered out-of-network at our office.

  • How much will a cleaning appointment cost me?

Until May 31st, 2017, your routine cleaning appointments will be the same cost to you that they have been in the past.  We are still determining what the cost may be after May 31st, pending ongoing legal matters.